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Re: [IPk] Balance article - full text

> This Dr SlagItOff or was it pickmeup seems to have missed the point, and to
> make comments about only needing 1 or 2 basel rates is madness.  Also I
> cannot see from a technical standpoint how reducing the programming in a
> pump to give 1-2 rates a day instead of 24 is going to make a dent on the
> cost.  So his comment regarding this again is incorrect (in my opinion).

I agree. The older models of the pump are cheaper, but that's not
because it costs another 1000 pounds to add more basal rates and
beeping boluses.

His comment that to make pumps accessible we should be able to buy
them in the pharmacy like a BG meter was also ludicrous (if that's
what he meant). Even if they were made simple you still need some
degree of training - OK, so some of us learnt it all from books and
the Internet but ideally you need properly trained medical
people. Pumping is NOT for everyone and people still need to be
thoroughly assessed for suitability to avoid disasters like the
Newcastle one which cause more harm than good to the advocation of
pump therapy.

A lot of the medical profession in this country seem tot hink that 1
basal rate s fine. Even my own doctor was surprised I was using more
than one. They all seem to have missed the point. The pump is a tool
which enables you to fine-tune your control, not just somethig which "makes
life easy" in the same way as an insulin pen. They seem to have things
backwards. People associate the Novopen with improved control and
think of it as a "wonderful new method of treating diabetes". Well it
doesn't do anything differnt from a syringe, it just makes life more
convenient. It can't improve your control per se. So why do people
thinkthat an insulin pen improves your control whilst a pump is just
"a means of not having to take shots any more"? 
Screwy logic there.

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