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Re: [IPk] Balance article - full text

This Dr SlagItOff or was it pickmeup seems to have missed the point, and to
make comments about only needing 1 or 2 basel rates is madness.  Also I
cannot see from a technical standpoint how reducing the programming in a
pump to give 1-2 rates a day instead of 24 is going to make a dent on the
cost.  So his comment regarding this again is incorrect (in my opinion).

I wouldn't like to guess the actual cost of building a pump but everyone
has to remember that there is also the development costs to recoup and that
investment by the pump companies.  Also he refers to the cost of home blood
monitors being cheap well that is only bought about by economies of scale
and the supply and demand economics.  If he wants to see the price come
down then he will have to start pushing the pumps in a big way so that the
pump companies can recoup there development costs and then start to make a
profit margin on the supplies.  I am quite sure that if the UK government
committed to a guaranteed purchase of say 5000 pumps over the next 3 years,
the pump companies would drop the price substantially as they would then be
able to do recovery forecasts etc etc.

Sorry if this seems like telling people to suck eggs but it really has got
by back up that people who are supposed to be very bright and knowledgeable
in there field can be so nieve and short sited when it comes to something a
bit out of the norm.

I would like to suggest that Dr Richard Sheaves who is my Endo in Jersey is
very pro pumps and he is very well respected in the field.  I think he
would be a good person to held the pump cause, not sure really how to move
this forward so any ideas let me know. (May John D or Hillary would be
interested in having a chat with him and seeing if he would endorse or help).

At 16:39 28/06/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>>From "Balance", the magazine of the British Diabetic Association, July

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