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[IPk] Number of pumpers

> John H. and Megan
> Can you both give me an estimate of how many people worldwide use
> pumps. It would be useful to know when talking to people who are
> interested in pumps and helps to validate their use. I'm STILL
> hopping mad at the patronizing attitude of the medical profession
> and the BDA at their keeping info on the pump from us! Hilary

There was a recent thread on this on the US site. Disetronic and 
MiniMed both have similar client bases. MM has about 55,000 and is 
shooting for 10 - 15% increase over the next year or so. I can't 
imagine that Disetronic is not working for the same goals. They 
reportedly have a similar size client base. The markets are divided 
up with MM about 80% in the US and 20 % in Europe with Disetronic 
exactly the opposite.

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