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Re: [IPk] Balance article

Steven J Sexton wrote:
> The BDA article on Pumping Insulin, that John and Di referred to, can now
> be read at the Diabetes Insight web site at http://www.diabetic.org.uk.

Thanks for that Steve. I've just posted the full text to the list, so
it'll be in the IP archives as well for posterity.

Re-reading it, it's not quite as depressing as I had earlier thought.
The immediate next step is letters to the editor. This will spin the
story out for a few more issues, and so keep it in the public eye. If
you have any comments, observations, disagreements, objections etc, send
them to:

Letters to the Editor
British Diabetic Association
10 Queen Anne St
London W1M 0BD
Fax: 0171 637 3644

Harry Keen, the vice-chairman of the BDA, suggested to me that a debate
in the letters page of Balance might be one useful way forward.

It's interesting that the article pointedly avoids mentioning Disetronic
and Minimed by name. The first draft I saw had both companies with
contact addresses etc.

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