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[IPk] Clinic visit

This morning I went back to the DM clinic for the first time since going on the pump.
I think my doc was quite surprised at how much of a difference the
pump has made! He asked me how I was and I just said "fantastic", to
which he replied that noone could really ask for more than that! I
tried to think of the 3 main reasons I liked it so much, and found it
impossible to narrow it down to 3, though I came up with 
- being able to maintain level Bgs in the normal range
- waking up with the same Bg I go to bed with
- being able to dance and play sport without going hypo or high.
though I could have come up with at least 20 more!
His final comment was "you don't really need me any more, do you?" to
which I grinned and said maybe that's why pumps weren't more common in
the uK, otherwise all the docs would be out of a job,
He seemed to be amazed at how much I knew and how many people I'd been
talking about pumps and Dm.
Anyway, bottom line is everyone's happy and I'm just to keep doing
what I'm doing. I guess the proof will be when my next A1c results
come through.
Di (the world is pink and fluffy)

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