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Re: [IPk] Euan - / Concentrated insulins - U400

Getting the u500 is a bit hard these days, but if you scream load you can
get it.

NN will tell you it is not licenced in the UK, if you push they will then
tell you that they have to fill out lots of forms and it takes 28 days to
get it.

You then have to sign a form saying that if your head falls off you wont
take them to court and blame the u500.

But after all that has been done its then really easy, you just get it as a
special order and it turns up when you need it.

I have to say that the u500 has really turned me around in the last few weeks.

It takes a bit of though cos you have to bolus a lot less (a 5th, actually
not quite).

It seems that the insulin requirement goes up when you go onto the u500 in
the pump, mine went up by about 15-18 units a day (u100 style) but that was
ok, the bgs were just a bit high for a few days.

I have had 4 hypos  which were fine, this was because I didnt eat anything
all day and it was 8pm so a slight alteration to the bolus and its all
looking good.

If anyone wants to talk to me about this then I can be contacted on


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