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Re: [IPk] Balance article

1 basel rate, i think not, let this bloke see my 7 different rates a day.

At 15:21 26/06/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Diana Maynard wrote:
>> Hi folks
>> Did you all see the article on pumping in Balance (finally!)?
>> Love the pic, Eleanor!
>Di! Thanks for spotting that. No, I haven't seen it yet. It was several
>months ago I gave the interview.
>Steve - Could you extract the text and post it on your site?
>Do they quote Dr John Pickup saying that pumps are too complicated to
>use? That was in the first draft I saw. And that most people really only
>need one basal rate? That is the biggest load of drivel I have ever
>heard... even by doctor standards. Hands up here who is well controlled
>and uses just one basal rate? The IP survey shows most people use 3...
>> Actually I wasn't too impressed by the article - the only thing
>> pro-pump about it was the testimonies of Eleanor and John N. the rest
>> of it seemed to gice the impression of "a few people who can't control
>> their diabetes do better on pumps, but it's all far too complicated
>> and unnecessary for most people to handle, and it costs far too much
>> to make it worthwhile."
>It is so depressing. It's like bashing your head against a brick wall.
>All we can do it seems is give testimonies and keep talking.
>Last week a had a long chat with Edwin Gale, who is the diabetes boss
>for the Bristol area. He has ultimate responsiblilty for organising the
>diabetes care for about 17000 people with diabetes. He knows me quite
>well, and I spent about an hour and a half in his office chewing over
>various matters - not just pumps. He knows how the pump has improved my
>quality of life. He knows my diabetes wasn't previously out of control,
>but that I just wanted better. Yet he refuses point blank to endorse
>pump therapy for general use. There is simply no research proving
>benefit for the general population he says. We can argue the finer
>points of what research does or doesn't prove what - but at the end of
>the day, are we all here freakish weirdos who for some bizarre reason
>find we can get far superior control on pumps than on injections? And
>the other 99.999% of the diabetic population can't? I think not somehow.
>Given a million pounds more, he would spend it on more drop-in centres,
>more community out-reach, better healthy living advice. The unglamorous
>things like that. That, he feels, will buy far more "units of health" in
>the long run than splashing out cash on expensive fancy gadgets like
>pumps, no matter how "wonderful" I may find them to be.
>How can you argue with socially just logic like that? It's very hard.
>And it cuts to the heart of a state-run health system. Private money?
>Edwin gets very animated at the suggestion that the rich should have
>access to better healthcare than the poor. But ultimately I think he
>will be disappointed. We are already voting with our feet. Those in
>Britain who get your supplies paid for - lucky you. Those that don't,
>well, presumably you have all made savings elsewhere in order to find
>the cash.
>My aim is that everyone - and every doctor - should know that pumping is
>a viable, even optimal, alternative, and that specialised pump centres
>should be accessible all over Britain. If funding for pumps and supplies
>is unavailable, then find your own cash, either from your own pocket or
>from healthcare charities. But the current ignorance among healthcare
>professionals I find deeply offensive.
>Michael - how do these sort of problems look from a Californian
>If anyone is confused by my situation, I moved from Britain to Germany
>last year. German healthcare is funded by compulsory private healthcare
>insurance. And all insurers must fund pump therapy if a doctor
>recommends it. And as a result, over 12% of people on insulin use pumps
>If anyone can shed some light on this intractable problem, and plan a
>socially just way forward, I would very grateful and will sleep more
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org