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Re: [IPk] Balance article

I'll answer this in more detail later as i've got to fly now, but briefly....
yes, they quoted John Pickup's bit. That was pretty much the final conclusion, that if pumps could be made simpler and sold for about 60-80 pounds, they would be more useful and more popular.
Hmph - that just negates the whole point of pumps!!!
The point of pumps is not that you don't have to inject - its the
fine-tuning ability you get that makes you able to control your
diabetes so much better. Of course, the freedom from long-acting
insulins you would still get, nd thsi is a major reason for pumping,
but only if it works! If I only had one basal rate per day,I would
actually be worse off than on MDI, where at least I could have a
different rate for day and night! If I couldn't set a temporary basla
rate I wouldn't be able to deal with exercise, which is where most of
my control problems come from. If I couldn't have a different basal
for mornings and afternoons, I would have to eat or bolus at certain
times to prevent me going high or low. What would be the point of
pumping at all?

more later. I'll email you the article tomorrow if Steven doesn't.

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