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[IPk] Balance article

Hi folks
Did you all see the article on pumping in Balance (finally!)?
Love the pic, Eleanor!
Actually I wasn't too impressed by the article - the only thing
pro-pump about it was the testimonies of Eleanor and John N. the rest
of it seemed to gice the impression of "a few people who can't control
their diabetes do better on pumps, but it's all far too complicated
and unnecessary for most people to handle, and it costs far too much
to make it worthwhile."
Again it's the impression of "oh, you're on a pump - your diabetes must
be really bad" which is what I've had from all the medical
professionals (apart from my own doc) that I've met since I got the
pump. Good to at least have some awareness of pumps I suppose, but not
what I was hoping to see (yeah, I know, dream on....)

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