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Re: [IPk] silly wets

Hi John D
I'm fine. Still the occasional blips (like the pesky air bubbles
reappearing because I refilled in a hurry the other night). YThe lows
are gteting fewer as well now I seem to have sorted out my mornings
and dealing with the dreaded dancing!

Sorry to hear about your computer problems.

I guess I'll get round to getting some scales at some point...and a carb
counting book! 

About the pinching up - everyone was taught to do that when they first
injected but now it seems to be acknowledged that you don't need to. I
wondered if it was the same for inserting sets. But I think pinching
up does help, though how you do it on your arm I'm not sure. I can do
it on my arm with a syringe but not with a sil. Not that I use my arms
much but you never know. Incidentally I tried my backside again with a
Sil and it has been absolutely fine this time, both Bg wise and
site-wise. It seems to be difficult avoiding the major muscles there
though. Also iw as low after going to the gym last night even though I
started with a bG of 9 and disconnected (and stayed disconnected for
an hour afterwards). I guess because of the big muscles being used

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