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Re: [IPk] silly wets

Hi Di

When I use Tenders, (which is rare these days) I always pinch up the skin,
this is the way we were taught on our initial training course.

How are you doing? It seems ages since you went on the pump, I see your
postings, your recent BG's are great, congratulations.

I have been very busy recently, hence my infrequent postings. I only get to
see the messages about every other day, but I see you are keeping the list
going. Also my computer crashed and I lost all my information, I was online
when we had a power cut! It came back on before I could switch off ****

As soon as I get the time, (or Jane gets the time) I will post some
information about how we count carbohydrates and some recipes, but you
really will have to
get some scales.

Anyway, must go now, look after yourself.


John Davis

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