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[IPk] insulin deposits

My syringe is getting down to the end of the insulin (about 100 units
left and I can see little white bits in it. They don't move, they seem
to be stuck to the side of the reservoir. They look like bubbles apart
from the fact that they don't move.

I'm going to change the reservoir when I get home as I don't like the
look of them, and I need to change the set anyway. io could do it now
but it's easier to do it at home, and my Bgs are fine for

Anyone had these before and know what they're caused by?
Could it be the insulin getting too hot? I've been wearing the pump in
my bra (in a sockette thingy) for the last few days so I guess it could have got
rather warmer than usual.

Di (full of questions today)

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