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Re: [IPk] happy pumping and the area under the curve

> Now go a step further and make _all_ your readings available for public
> scrutiny... download them to a text file and pop them up once a month on
> your website... I know you do good websites, so there's no excuse. It's
> a bold step, but once you've done it there's no going back :-)

You read my mind :-) 
I have been planning this, though my Bg recording is somewhat sporadic.
If only I could get the cable and software to download my results from
my QID for free.....I have a feeling it's quite expensive.
your numbers on the web inspired me.
My comment on them is "you don't test very much!" It seems that they're
not really a very good reflection of your numbers (which I suspect are
better than they appear) because you don't test when you think
they're normal?
I don't tend to test when low so again, it's not very accurate, though
I do test when normal or high.

I go back to the clinic next week and am dying to tell my doctor how
happy I am with the pump and the difference it's made!
My A1C has GOT to be a lot lower with the Bgs I've been getting!

I think I've found the solution to my "un-dawn syndrome" too (where my
BG drops massively at whatever time I get up).
I was bolusing a lot less and doing a split bolus - half just after
breakfast and half about an hour later. This was OK but a bit random,
and I kept forgetting the second half od the bolus. Then I tried just
giving the entire bolus as a temp. basal rate over 2 hours starting
from after breakfast (since I don'thave the
square wave on the 506). It's been working a treat and I dont' have to
worry about forgetting it.

> I often find that my morngin bg's are more stable than I should
> otherwise deserve.

I'm the exact opposite. Any minor problem the night before is
magnified overnight and reflected in my am BGs. I took 3 units H last
night (as a complete guess)and it seemed to work.
 I am also trying a permanent 0.5
unit bolus before I go to bed, whatever
time it is (assuming a normal BG). I resisted this because I was very
reluctant to induce a nightime hypo, but it does seem to work. Again,
it's not that my basal rate is wrong, it's the "going to sleep = sudden rise
in BG" weird phenomenon.

> Pass. Area under curve, weighted-average, HbA1c... I'm sure it varies
> between each of us. And we can't know until it's too late.

Be interesting to do a study on that. I wonder if it's been done

> Certainly normal bg's is not the whole story for diabetes and
> complications. 

Sure. But it would be interesting to see if there is a correlation.
I try not to worry too much about the odd high Bg because I almost
always catch it in less than an hour (not that I test every hour, but
I test when it's likely to happen). The rest of the time I'm pretty
much below 7 mmol/l.

> Disetronic have, I believe, developed a permanentally fixed tube that
> goes from the surface of your abdomen to your liver, giving much more
> stable control.

I thought it was MM? or is that something different they're developing?

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