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[IPk] happy pumping and the area under the curve

Well, I got it a bit wrong last night and got home at 11pm to find I
had a BG of 17! oops.
See, I'm not perfect :-)

I had had a pint of beer and forgotten to bolus for it though, which I
definitely need to do. Also I seem to find that drinking after eating
has more of an effect on my Bg (ie it raises it more). I know that's
weird, but you know me.....

By this morning I was back to a nice 5.6 though.

I know this is one of those impossible questions to answer, but I'll ask it anyway <g>.

What do people think about the whole "area under the curve" scenario? 
Is it better to be high for a short period of time or less high (but
still high) for a longer period of time. Assuming the area under the
curve is identical?

in terms of the A1c, I think the latter tends to have more of an
impact, but I could be wrong. That's why I managed a reasonably OK A1c
a few months ago of 7.something which didn't really reflect my control
since I was having some very high BGs (but also alot of low ones),
rather than constantly beign a bit high. People tend to see the A1c as
a direct measure of your likelihood of complications, but is this
really valid? The DCCt (as far a I am aware) only looked at the A1c
rather than the day to day readings.

What do people think (if I'm making sense to anyone)?

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