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[IPk] happy pumping

Since it's all gone quiet, I just thought I'd post my weekend's
readings - almost my best ever! Almost all the ones above 7 have been
deliberate - before swimming I have to be above 7 or eat something to
avoid a hypo). And not a single one above 9!

7am 7.2
11am 8.0
1pm 5.6
4pm 7.2 (before swimming)
5pm 4.5 (after swimming)
8pm 3.1
10pm 5.9
12am 6.0

8am 5.6
11am 3.2
1pm 4.9
3pm 8.9 (before swimming)
4pm 6.9 (after swimming)
7pm 4.8
9pm 7.5
11.30pm 6.3

9am 6.0
11am 5.6
1pm 5.5
3.30pm 8.3 (before swimming)

This is unusually good for me (I did have a 16 on Thursday for no
apparent reason), but I get so happy when I see these
kind of numbers! I would never have believed it pre-pump!

The downside is I'm definitely getting less awareness of hypos, but I
can still usually recognise them before they get lower than 3 so I'm
not too worried. Yes, I do know about raising the target BG for a
little to solve this. I just don't want to do it at the moment.


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