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[IPk] silly wets

(as I've just heard them being called) <g>

Do people pinch up the skin when they insert the silly wets or not?
I wasn't (I'll blame John N for that) but I've heard
that you should to avoid going into muscle (or something). 

I never used to with syringes but I know that's different.

Sometimes I find it quite hard to find a spot where it will slide in
easily - either it hurts and I pull it out and try omewhere else (as
it generally doesn't work well if I insert it anyway into a spot that
hurts) or it just won't go in, like the needle just bends.

I seem to have stopped getting bent cannulas now though (yeah!). They
all come out looking perfect and at a perfect angle.

Opinions? Is this a YMMV thing or is it a tried and tested thing that
pinching up helps?

Also has anyone tried putting a Sil in their arm and pinching up at the
same time? I can do it with a syringe but I don't see how with a Sil?
OK. I know I'm probably the only mad one who actually uses their


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