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Re: [IPk] Battery limit

My pump must be psychic as I got the lo-battery alarm this morning. In
the interests of science I am going to see how much longer they last for
(don't worry. I am carrying spare batteries just in case!). In theory
I should get at least another 5 days out of them.

For almost the ifrst time since being on the pump I had a completely
unexplainable high BG this am. I went to bed at 11.30pm with a BG of 6
and woke up at 8am with a Bg of 15! I can't think of a single
explanation except that it was very hot last night (not that that
normally makes a difference as far as I am aware). It's obviously not
my day today as I got my Bg back down, disconnected for a shower and
then the phone rang just as I was about to reconnect, and then I
forgot about it when I got back upstairs. I *almost* came into work
without it but realised just in time! Of course my BG had shot up to
12 as I had been disconnected for over an hour. That's another reason
I wish the MM beeped more often when suspended.


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