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Re: [IPk] Battery limit

Normally we would expect a 2 to 3 days period of life after the initial low
battery indication. There is a problem if you buy your battery from a 'shop'
as we have found that many will offer an alternative to the V357 which are
not always up to the same standard. I am not surprised that you found that
the shop bought ones only lasted a week - we have experience of some which
will not even activate the pump.

Basically we will now only supply or recommend batteries manufactured by
Ever- Ready or VARTA, and occasionally Ray-O-Vac, as these are the only ones
we have found consistently reliable,

It really is a case where, if possible, get your batteries from AMT as that
is the only way we can guarantee reliability. The good news is that these
are almost always less expensive than the shop bought ones in any event.
(4.05 for a set of three batteries).

In your case Diana I know we supply the batteries to Manchester so we know
they are OK.

Also as far as I can recall all MiniMed pumps give you the same warning and
there is a continuous alarm when the pump reckons the batteries are too low
for safe operation.

Best to all

Ray Morrissey

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