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Re: [IPk] Battery limit

I don't know about D-pumps either, but for MM, 
according to the literature, the battery sounds when there's 10
percent left. So if you get 6 weeks till the alarm, you should get
another 4 days out of it.
My first battery lasted a week (I got it from an electronics place) and I
changed it immediately since it was at night.
I didn't know about the very-low-battery warning - is that only with
the newer models or will it be on my 506 too? Morag?

i can't remember how long I've been pumping now but my second battery
has lasted since a week after that and is still going strong - it must
be at least 10 weeks. I'm lucky as I get mine free as part of my pump
supplies too.


> > does anyone know how long a battery lasts for after the "low battery" alarm
> > goes off? I change it straight away but I was just wondering???
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