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[IPk] Age at diagnosis

John hughes wrote:
> When you look at the literature about incidence rates there is an increase
> in incidence of diabetes about 5 years and 11-13 years and approx 18 years.
> Some people beleive that this is due to exposure to some "environmental
> agent" -possibly a virus, (common cold, mumps) at a time of stress/changed
> circumstances/exposure to hordes of other people from different backgrounds.
> It could be this is purely coincidental
> I'll dig out some info and send it asap

If you go to the IP website at http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/ and click
on "Facts about Diabetes" you can see some interesting information
that's been compiled from information provided by members of Insulin

The peak for diagnosis seems to be 10, with another peak in the
mid-20's. This is not rigourous statistical analysis - the resulsts are
skewed by the fact that people have already pre-selected themselves to
use a pump. This may account for the mid-20's peak, since pregnancy can
bring on diabetes, and pregnant women are far more likely to be put on a

If anyone here with diabetes wants to add their own information to this
analysis, fill in the information form. There's a link on the "Facts
about Diabetes" page. The information is held anonymously, so you won't
be revealing anything about yourself personally - merely contrbuting to
the general statistics.

For the records, I was 10/11 at onset of diabetes, but I hadn't recently
been exposed to anything stressful, or changed school or anything.

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