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Re: [IPk] cold BGs


Cold weather usually decreases BG levels as your body burns up more glucose
trying to generate heat - its not unusual for the BG to drop to almost hypo
levels if you get wet and cold - why the Bg would go up in these conditions
is a mystery to me

Best wishes

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From: Eleanor Biddle <email @ redacted>
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Date: 15 June 1999 01:17
Subject: [IPk] cold BGs

>>Does anyone have any evidence that *being cold* leads to hgigh Bgs?
>>Last week I went to watch our softball team playing, and it was
>>FREEZING sitting watching as it was veyr exposed and there was a cold
>>wind. My Bg had started off at 4 and by the time I got home it was 15.
>>My basal rate definitely isn't that far out  and I didn't do anything
>>unusual. It wasn't even a stressful match!
>Di, I've been to the Italian Alpes since being on the pump and I'm afraid I
>can't say whether the cold affects my BGs seeing as there are so many
>variables on a holiday like that. i.e. alcohol, v.little sleep,
>boardng/skiing everyday, clubbing, alcohol etc etc. you get the picture
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