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Re: [IPk] Battery limit

> does anyone know how long a battery lasts for after the "low battery" alarm
> goes off? I change it straight away but I was just wondering???

Hi there Ele.

I don't know about the D pump, but on my M, once the low-batt first
shows, I usually still have about 7 days operation left, and there is a
further very-low-batt warning (which the truly cost-concious wait for).
That may show for a further day before the I-have-stopped alarm goes

So some people use the low-batt warning as a prompt to get some new
batteries ready, but don't change them until the next alarm shows.
Clearly, you're the best judge of how much risk you want to expose
yourself too. The cautious have spare batteries with them at all times,
the cavalier will wait until the very-low-batt warning.

It appears that batteries can be sensitive to their storage conditions.
I don't fully understand this, but if they've been stored for a long
time, they can lose their power very rapidly. Best to buy your batteries
from a quality supplier with a rapid turnover of stock.

Luckily here in Germany I get my batteries free as part of the pump
supplies. In fact, they come prepackaged in the box of plastic insulin

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