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Re: [IPk] seasons changing

Ele - You do make sense. I personally find that my insulin requirement
rises in the hot weather, but I am unusual in that respect I believe. I
am also very fair skinned - I only have to look out of the window to get
sun-burn - so my body's reaction to hot weather may have something to do
with it.

The classic explanation is that people are more active in the summer, so
they need less insulin. I think that's wrong. It's much much more
complex. Insulin is only one of many hormones that work together in a
highly complex way to keep the body on a steady keel. Our bodies detect
the change of seasons, winter -> spring summer -> autumn etc. When the
seasons shift, so the hormone balances shift as well, and it can take a
few weeks to settle down again.

I remember having a bad night-time hypo last summer when my dawn effect
dissappeared one night.That was it. Gone. It has never come back. It
coincided with a cold wet spring giving way to a hot summer.

Don't you feel really great being able to respond immediately and
accurately to these things with the pump? It's excellent! :)


Eleanor Biddle wrote:
> Does anyone else find that their insulin requirements change as the season
> change? I mean with hot and cold temperature in summer and winter?
> I do the same amount of exercise in the winter as i do in the summer but I
> start going hypo when the weather gets warmer. I guess this is because the
> insulin works faster in the heat so send me low. Am I right?
> I know for some people it can send them high because the insulin get used up
> faster and they need more. Am I making sense?
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