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Re: [IPk] suspending the pump when hypo

> > >GIven the massive amounts of insuiln you were taking, I would think
> > >it's not surprising if it took several weeks for you to clear all the
> > >insulin from your body. After all, there must have been massive
> > >amounts of insulin just sitting somewhere under your skin not doing
> > >anything.
> Who wrote that Nat? I think I missed that post!

'twas me, John!

> also put a few pounds on lately, after being very stable for the first
> year. I'm 13 stone. This may be due to carb counting. But I've also been
> having fewer mild hypos, which should mean less weight. Go figure...

I've never been able to put reason behind my weight changes. Usually I
lose weight when eating all the wrong stuff and don'texercise, and
gain it when I eat healthily and do loads of exercise! But I'm
becomgin mroe and more convinced that anaerobic exercise (going to the
gym) does extrememly bizarre things to both my Bg levels and my
> I've noticed seasonal changes last year - needing more insulin in the
> summer. I seem to become less insulin-sensitive with heat and sun. 

That's weird - most people I know have the opposite. I have always needed
much less insulin in summer (and not just because I'm more active). But
a lot of that was to do with insulin absorption, so that may be less
of an issue now. 
> BTW I was fascinated by your comments about BBers and sleep. When do
> they know about the effect of naps on the bg but we with diabetes don't?
> :-|

yes, I'd love to know more about this.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly what sleep does to my BGs.
Last night was definitely a "non-vanilla" day. 
Dance comp all evening. BG stayed around 7 until midnight when it was
15, but I had been disconnecting every time I competed in an event for
the last coupdl of hours (due to the awakardness of wearing the pump
with the costume and dancing). At the end I forgot to reattach it for
about half an hour as well.
Anyway I bolused 4 units when I got home and ate a slice of bread
since I realised I'd had nothing at all to eat since breakfast about
18 huors before!
Woke up at 9am with a Bg of 3.5.
that's just shattered my theory of going to bed late and eating late
at night giving me high BGs the next am. But like I said, it was an
unusual evening.
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