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Re: [IPk] suspending the pump when hypo

Nathan J Wright wrote:
> Thats a good point, hadnt thought about that.
> At 18:58 07/06/1999 +0100, you wrote:
> >GIven the massive amounts of insuiln you were taking, I would think
> >it's not surprising if it took several weeks for you to clear all the
> >insulin from your body. After all, there must have been massive
> >amounts of insulin just sitting somewhere under your skin not doing
> >anything.

Who wrote that Nat? I think I missed that post! But yes, given the mega
doses of insulin you were on pre-pump, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot
of it was hanging around in large depots under the skin. A few months
may seem a long time, but it's not impossible.

But at the end of the day, you need what you need and we all have
different metabolisms. My requirements dropped from around 55-60 units a
day to 35-40 almost immediately. It now varies a lot - between 30 and 50
- but that's because my carb intake varies a lot from day to day. I've
also put a few pounds on lately, after being very stable for the first
year. I'm 13 stone. This may be due to carb counting. But I've also been
having fewer mild hypos, which should mean less weight. Go figure...

I've noticed seasonal changes last year - needing more insulin in the
summer. I seem to become less insulin-sensitive with heat and sun. Has a
long hot summer set in in Jersey perhaps?

You're not back on your funny body-building drugs are you?

BTW I was fascinated by your comments about BBers and sleep. When do
they know about the effect of naps on the bg but we with diabetes don't?

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