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[IPk] carbos

When Eleanor went on the pump we sat down with a pair of scales and a 
calculator and worked out the values of some of the things she eats
frequently. We had a little book we wrote in as a quick guide. e.g. 100
grams dry rice=75carbohydrates or 7.5 exchanges
                           so, she might eat 50 grams,
                           75 divided by 100 multiply by 50 = 3.7 ex

couscous is 73 per 100 grams so, 73 divided by 100 multiplied by 50g = 3.6
                                                     73 divided by 100
multiplied by 60g = 4.3 ex
                                                     73 divided by 100
multiplied by 70g = 5.1 ex

Obviously we only did this to start with and she soon eyeballed her usual
amount, she is not this exact normally but its a good way to start out, and
can refer  to it if she needs a reminder. Pasta is also about 75 per 100 g,
half a mug of twists was 50g, so about 3 1/2 ex.

As John D. says, perhaps this is one way the INPUT group could help by
producing some sheets on this subject.
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