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Re: [IPk] Carb counting - pasta

Thanks John.
You win the prize for being the only person to actually answer my question.
Just in time before I head off home for some pasta!

I've been probabyl slightly over-estimating the carb value and it's
still been spiking my BG - most of the things that are supposed to

The protein in pasta doesn't seem to be enough to count as it would
only equate to 0.7 units insulin, and I don't count protein that
strictly anyway!

What do you mean, obsessive weirdo - which of us was it who took his
scales and weighed his plate at the 8th Day?

I like your idea of counting carbs as a percentage. I've started doing
that now and it's much easier to figure out.

Though I must say I don't eat wet bread very often :-)

I don't eat chips much either, not because I'm posh but because I don't
buy food very often - I mean ready-made food - but I find them very hard to guess the
carb content of.

Anyway, all this talk of food....I'm off.

> But of course, you want the protein as well, since you're an obsessive
> weirdo... no, I mean... you're dedicated to optimal control. Protein
> weighs in at 12.5g per 100g.
> In general, as a rule of thumb, I count dry starch (pasta, rice,
> breakfast cereals, dry flour etc) as 80% carb. And wet starch (cooked
> pasta, boiled rice, boiled potatoes, bread etc) as 25% starch. These are
> very rough figures that I will use in the absense of any other
> information. Can anyone improve on this for me? I'm looking for absolute
> simplicity. Ball park figures I can apply with ease.
> The big exception here is the baked or roast potato. If it's well done
> (and scrummy) lots of moisture has evaporated. So it's starch by weight
> content will be severely reduced. But by that point it's real guess
> work: how dry is that 35g of roast potato? And chips... well, I don't
> eat them because I'm posh (says Julia ;-)
> John

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