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Re: [IPk] Carb counting - pasta

OK OK Di! You must be starving by now...

A half-pint coffee mug full of dry Buitoni Farfalle (those bow things)
weighs in on my scales at 72g. So half a cup is 36g! And the packet says
74.4g carb per 100g, so that's 36g x 0.744 = 27g carb. / 15 = 1.8
insulin units. Yeah!

But of course, you want the protein as well, since you're an obsessive
weirdo... no, I mean... you're dedicated to optimal control. Protein
weighs in at 12.5g per 100g.

In general, as a rule of thumb, I count dry starch (pasta, rice,
breakfast cereals, dry flour etc) as 80% carb. And wet starch (cooked
pasta, boiled rice, boiled potatoes, bread etc) as 25% starch. These are
very rough figures that I will use in the absense of any other
information. Can anyone improve on this for me? I'm looking for absolute
simplicity. Ball park figures I can apply with ease.

The big exception here is the baked or roast potato. If it's well done
(and scrummy) lots of moisture has evaporated. So it's starch by weight
content will be severely reduced. But by that point it's real guess
work: how dry is that 35g of roast potato? And chips... well, I don't
eat them because I'm posh (says Julia ;-)


Diana Maynard wrote:
> Ok, go ahead and shoot me if you like, but I don't own a set of
> kitchen scales so i guess at things or figure them out.
> I haven't quite got pasta figured out.
> Can someone tell me how much carb is in a serving of pasta which for
> me is half a mug of dry pasta (such as pasta shells)?
> thanks
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