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Re: [IPk] suspending the pump when hypo

That sounds as if your basal rate is too high if you need to turn it
off, but then again, maybe you're just weird :-)
Well, we know that anyway....

if it works, fine, but I'm still puzzled that that's the advice you
were given as standard, as I wouldn't have thought it would be the norm.

if I take a high Bg bolus, my Bg can drop at least 1 mmol/l per
minute, even when it's at about 13. 
But then I know I'm weird.....
it went up by 11 mmol/l in 20 minutes today after i went swimming, for
no apparent reason. Doesn't normally do that either.
I think it's the aliens at work again....

With regard to yout increased insulin, how long was it before you
started increasing it?
It took over a week for me to get rid of all the Insulatard in my
system when I started on the pump.
GIven the massive amounts of insuiln you were taking, I would think
it's not surprising if it took several weeks for you to clear all the
insulin from your body. After all, there must have been massive
amounts of insulin just sitting somewhere under your skin not doing

On MDI I was taking between 45 and 65 units a day.
Now I'm taking between 28 and 35 - 20-22 units basal and 8-13
units bolus. That's about 40% less - not quite as impressive as Natty's
drop though!

> Well I know what you are saying John is true, but it works really well for
> me.  2 dextrose and pump off and my BGs are back to normal within 30 mins.
> If I don't turn the pump off and I have 2 dextrose I have dropped by
> another 2.5-3 units in 30 mins.  It seems like my body does extremes ;-(
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