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[IPk] turning the pump off

> > It is essential that your relative, colleagues and acquaintances are
> > familiar with how to turn the pump off and know that you need immediate
> > intake of carbohydrates.
> John,
> Those who need to pretty much all know about glucose etc. for a hypo
> (and have been put to the test many a time!)
> I hadn't thought of instructing anyone about turning it off.
> However, I still figure that if, say, I collapsed unconscious and
> noone was able to bring me round (never happened yet) the amount of
> insulin that would actually be delivered before say the paramedics
> arrrived and shoved glucagon or whatever into me would not be enough
> to make any vast differece.
> If I were still on MDI, they wouldn't be able to turn off my
> long-acting insulin, so it's no different from that.
> What do other people think?
> Di
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