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Re: [IPk] suspending the pump when hypo

> Suspending the pump when hypo is certainly a dubious piece of advice,
> because of the different time frames of insulin and glucose. Glucose
> usually works almost immediately - certainly within 10 minutes - while
> if you turned off your pump, you wouldn't see a significant drop in your
> blood-insulin level for at least an hour. 

Hmmm, I see a BG rise in about 20 minutes if I suspend (and am not
doing anything).

But H works very fast for me and is out of my system very fast too. 
But I still agree - by that time either the glucose is working or my
liver is dumping, or both. Unless I'm exercising at the time, in which
case I do suspend.

Natty, how long do you suspend for when hypo?
Until your BG is back to normal?
Doesn't seem worth it really.

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