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Re: [IPk] Aspart / NN

Di ,
You are right , aspart won't make much if any difference to control . We may
be able to get the stability tasts conducted for a longer period which would
be useful . Our goal is to make the pricing of CSII as competitive with MDI
as possible so that more patients world wide will have access to this
therapy .
The reason that I believe that aspart will take over from humalog is purely
because of the strength of NN as a company and their  large European market
share .
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From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
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Date: 05 June 1999 13:00
Subject: Re: [IPk] the last bit of insulin

>Why will it make such a difference?
>As far as I'm aware, it doesn't have any advantages over Humalog.
>Or is it supposedly more stable?
>Since I don't have any problem with the stability of Humalog, I fail to see
how it will be beneficial to someone like me.
>> NN are currently conducting clinical trials with aspart in pens and will
>> soon start [ or may have recently started ] to test aspart in pumps .
>> The early stability and performance data looked good and I'm sure that
>> will make a big impact on the market when aspart becomes available .
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