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Re: [IPk] suspending the pump when hypo

Diana Maynard wrote:
> I remember a while ago Natty saying he was told to suspend the pump when hypo.
> Does anyone else do this?

Suspending the pump when hypo is certainly a dubious piece of advice,
because of the different time frames of insulin and glucose. Glucose
usually works almost immediately - certainly within 10 minutes - while
if you turned off your pump, you wouldn't see a significant drop in your
blood-insulin level for at least an hour. By that time the hypo is over,
and you need the insulin to stop the blood-glucose level going too high,
or "rebounding".

So in 99.9% of cases, stopping the pump would so more harm than good.
You might conceivably want to put a lower temporary basal rate on, if
the hypo was caused in the first place by having your basal rate too

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