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Re: [IPk] Carb counting - pasta

> It depends on how big your mug is! Some pasta's are bigger than others, so
> you will get more in half a mug. You really do have to weigh it.

Hmmm, well until I get round to buying  aset of scales, i can't!
> Pasta CHO vary according to flavour and content etc.
> Normal pasta. Dry weight 1.0 oz = 20 CHO (approx).

Yeah, I know that , it's on the packet, but let me put it another way....
How much does half a mugful of pasta weigh (average size mug, say
pasta shells)? Can anyone tell me?

> I had a pasta dish last night (Friday) calculated as follows;
> 2.5 oz pasta = 50 CHO
> Tomato chilli sauce = 12 CHO
> 60 grm Nan Bread = 27 CHO
> Various bits & pieces = 7 CHO
> Other ingredients with no CHO value. (Chicken, celery, mushrooms etc).
> Total CHO 96
> 18:12.  Mmol 6.4. bolused 8.0 units
> 20:30.  Mmol 10.1
> 22:30.  Mmol. 10.6. bolused 1.0 unit

John, do you not take into account the protein too?
For me that makes a big difference, since it causes a peak later, so I
almost always take a second bolus about an hour after the meal if I'm
eating protein.

e.g. last night:

8pm BG 4.5
had a tortilla wrap with chicken and salad
30g carb in the wrap - bolused 1.5 units (should have been 2 units but since
I was lowish anyway I split the dose)
9.20pm BG 4.6
bolused 1 unit (0.5 units for the remainder of the carbs and 0.5 units for the protein in the chicken - no idea how much
chicken there was or how much protein is in chicken but I know how much I need to cover it!)
10.30pm Bg 5.2 

8.30am this morning 
BG 6.1

Since what I do seems to work for me, I'm happy with it.
I wish I had the discipline to weigh everything, but I don't.

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