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Re: [IPk] Carb counting - pasta

Hi Di

It depends on how big your mug is! Some pasta's are bigger than others, so
you will get more in half a mug. You really do have to weigh it.

Pasta CHO vary according to flavour and content etc.
Normal pasta. Dry weight 1.0 oz = 20 CHO (approx).

I had a pasta dish last night (Friday) calculated as follows;

2.5 oz pasta = 50 CHO
Tomato chilli sauce = 12 CHO
60 grm Nan Bread = 27 CHO
Various bits & pieces = 7 CHO
Other ingredients with no CHO value. (Chicken, celery, mushrooms etc).

Total CHO 96

18:12.  Mmol 6.4. bolused 8.0 units
20:30.  Mmol 10.1
22:30.  Mmol. 10.6. bolused 1.0 unit

Sat. 07:22. Mmol. 7.4.

Looking at the meal and eyeballing, I would have said that there were less
than 80 CHO and would have bolused accordingly.

Hope this helps

John Davis.

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