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[IPk] suspending the pump when hypo

I remember a while ago Natty saying he was told to suspend the pump when hypo.

Does anyone else do this?
Personally I don't see the need, unless I'm exercising at the time,
since by the time suspending the pump will have an effect, I'll be out
of the hypo anyway. unless I'm REALLY REALLY low, in which case I
probably wouldn't be capable of suspending the pump, let alone
remembering to!

I also think it would be a good feature if the MM pump were to bep more
often than on the half hour when suspended. I think the D-pump beeps
every 10 minutes?
Also that the beeps for temp basal rate and suspend were at half hour
intervals from the time when you do it, rather than on the half
hour (for suspend) and hour (for temp rate). How does the D-pump do

Just curious.

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