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Re: [IPk] BIzarre BG readins


With all of these fluctuating BG's how are you feeling in yourself today??


-----Original Message-----
From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 04 June 1999 14:10
Subject: [IPk] BIzarre BG readins

>OK, I just posted about my Bg going down this am by 6 points in an hour.
Not unusual for me at that time.
>At 1pm I checked again.
>I took a unit of insulin (second half of my breakfast bolus).
>At 2pm I checked again.
>That seemed strange so I double-checked.
>Still bizarre but slightly better. I wondered if my BG was gong down fast
or the first reading was dodgy.
>5 minutes later i tested again.
>What is going on here?
>I don't know if my meter is dodgy or my Bg is doing really weird things.
>My readings today have been
>3am 10 3 units and 30g carbs
>11am 13 2 units and 30g carbs
>12pm 6.9 1 unit
>1pm 5.6
>2pm 13.9
>2.05pm 12.0
>2.10pm 10
>I wonder if this kind of thing happens regularly but I just don't
>catch it, or if something really strange is going on today.
>Any ideas?
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