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Re: [IPk] Basel rates, pump wearing

I can't say I ever have a problem with getting the tubing caught on door
handles - you must be taller than me as door handles are never at waist
level for me! I guess that could be a problem though, although I
halways have the tubing tight where it's on the outside so it doesn't
catch on things.

I imagine you're right about the dawn phen and hormones etc. At that
age your hormones are likely to be all over the place. That's great if
you're getting rid of the dawn phen!
Maybe you'll get like me and have a reverse one!

I documented a spectacualr example of it this morning.
It activates at whatever time I get up.
I didn't get to bed until nearly 4am (after spending 9 hours at my
dance teacher's house discussing plans for next year, teams etc.!) and
so didn't even wake up until 11am. BG was 13 (because I hadn't eaten
the night before until I got home at 3.30am and bizarre things happen
when I eat just before going to bed, or when I go to bed late).
Bearing in mind my weird reverse dawm phen, I bolused 2 units and ate
30g carbs (which should match perfectly), i.e. I took no account of
the high BG. An hour later I tested again and I was at 6.9. That's
essentially a 6 point drop in an hour for no reason other than getting out of
bed! So it's definitely related to waking up rather than a specific
time. Good thing is i've finally figured out how to deal with it!


> About 3 months ago my dawn phenomenon vanished! i.e. when you need more 
> insulin at about 3 or 4 am when your body is slowly beginning to wake up. I 
> was on 1.3 an hour at that time and now I知 on 1.0 and 0.9 almost throughout 
> the night. During the day I知 on 0.8. I知 guessing that now I知 18 my 
> hormones are calming down.
> Di, the reason why I have cut a hole in my combat trouser pockets is so I 
> can fish the tubing up the inside of my leg rather than the outside. The 
> main advantage of this is so that I don稚 get the tubing caught on evil door 
> handles!
> JohnN, I go through phases of tight control and loads of BG testing and 
> excellent carb counting. Personally I think I just need a rest from time to 
> time, even if my BG suffers a little. Once you realise how bad your BGs are 
> getting maybe you値l get the urge to get a little tighter.
> Does anybody here have real sensitive feet? I know a lot of diabetics suffer 
> from having little feelings in their feet, but mine seem to be over 
> sensative! For example, when I get in the bath I have to stick my feet out 
> or they feel as though they池e burning, even if the water temp is perfect 
> for the rest of my body. Any thoughts?
> Eleanor
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