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[IPk] Basel rates, pump wearing

About 3 months ago my dawn phenomenon vanished! i.e. when you need more 
insulin at about 3 or 4 am when your body is slowly beginning to wake up. I 
was on 1.3 an hour at that time and now I知 on 1.0 and 0.9 almost throughout 
the night. During the day I知 on 0.8. I知 guessing that now I知 18 my 
hormones are calming down.

Di, the reason why I have cut a hole in my combat trouser pockets is so I 
can fish the tubing up the inside of my leg rather than the outside. The 
main advantage of this is so that I don稚 get the tubing caught on evil door 

JohnN, I go through phases of tight control and loads of BG testing and 
excellent carb counting. Personally I think I just need a rest from time to 
time, even if my BG suffers a little. Once you realise how bad your BGs are 
getting maybe you値l get the urge to get a little tighter.

Does anybody here have real sensitive feet? I know a lot of diabetics suffer 
from having little feelings in their feet, but mine seem to be over 
sensative! For example, when I get in the bath I have to stick my feet out 
or they feel as though they池e burning, even if the water temp is perfect 
for the rest of my body. Any thoughts?


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