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Re: [IPk] Grrrrr - customs tax on pump

Hi Di

I wish you all the best with this one.  I have had this problem with gifts
from the USA before and having to pay import duty on - I mean they really
where gifts but I couldn't get out of it.

Just keep badgering Customs & Excise.

Best wishes


At 13:16 03/06/99 , you wrote:
>I don't know if anyone can help me on this one, but I've jsut received
>a bill for 220 pounds for customs tax on my pump (it was sent to by
>someone in the US. I spoke to FedEx who just said it was a standard
>import tax based on the value of the pump and I still had to pay it
>regardless of whether I was actually buying it or not (which I wasn't
>since I didn't pay anythign for it). They never mentioned it at the
>time of shipping.
>OK, 250 pounds for a pump is better than 2000 pounds, but I still don't have
>the money, as I had no idea I was going to be charged this.
>Does anyone know of any way round this?
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