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Re: [IPk] Tax on pumps Grrrrrr!!

Yup, ray this is what i had to do cos i am in jersey which is vat exempt,
but i had to write what you have said to disetronic so that they didnt have
to charge me.

At 15:17 03/06/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>As both Disetronic and Minimed pumps are produced outside of the EEC (Or
>whatever it is called now), they are subject to import tax. This is of the
>region of 5% which is paid by the importer and of course is included in the
>end price of the pump for the user. There is no exception to this or anyway
>round it.
>Where Diana has come unstuck is with VAT. It is the practice with importing
>that you have to pay VAT at the time and at the point of entry, at 17.5%, on
>the declared value of the goods. We at AMT, and presumably at Disetronic,
>have to pay this immediately on any shipment from our suppliers who are
>outside of the UK.
>When we supply a pump, because of the VAT exemption allowed to Diabetics, we
>do not have to charge the VAT - and that is why we ask you to fill in a VAT
>exemption form.
>As a supplier we can then reclaim any VAT paid as part of our costs of
>Diana, you may be able to avoid the Payment of the 17.5% VAT element if you
>can persuade the VAT people to accept their own exemption rules. It is
>possible, however, that you may still have to pay the 5% duty amount.
>The terminology on the VAT exemption state that:
>" I declare that I suffer from Diabetes Mellitus"
>"the supply of these goods is eligible for relief from Value Added Tax under
>group 14 of the Zero rate Schedule (Schedule 5) to the Value Added Tax Act
>Hope this works, but anyone out there who moves this stuff across boundaries
>should be careful and make sure that somewhere you have an original proof of
>purchase. Remember this is also true of any valuable item that you may carry
>across boundaries.
>Hope this helps
>Ray Morrissey
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Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org