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[IPk] Tax on pumps Grrrrrr!!

As both Disetronic and Minimed pumps are produced outside of the EEC (Or
whatever it is called now), they are subject to import tax. This is of the
region of 5% which is paid by the importer and of course is included in the
end price of the pump for the user. There is no exception to this or anyway
round it.

Where Diana has come unstuck is with VAT. It is the practice with importing
that you have to pay VAT at the time and at the point of entry, at 17.5%, on
the declared value of the goods. We at AMT, and presumably at Disetronic,
have to pay this immediately on any shipment from our suppliers who are
outside of the UK.

When we supply a pump, because of the VAT exemption allowed to Diabetics, we
do not have to charge the VAT - and that is why we ask you to fill in a VAT
exemption form.

As a supplier we can then reclaim any VAT paid as part of our costs of

Diana, you may be able to avoid the Payment of the 17.5% VAT element if you
can persuade the VAT people to accept their own exemption rules. It is
possible, however, that you may still have to pay the 5% duty amount.

The terminology on the VAT exemption state that:

" I declare that I suffer from Diabetes Mellitus"


"the supply of these goods is eligible for relief from Value Added Tax under
group 14 of the Zero rate Schedule (Schedule 5) to the Value Added Tax Act

Hope this works, but anyone out there who moves this stuff across boundaries
should be careful and make sure that somewhere you have an original proof of
purchase. Remember this is also true of any valuable item that you may carry
across boundaries.

Hope this helps

Ray Morrissey

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