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Re: [IPk] Grrrrr - customs tax on pump


We always have to pay import tax on goods sent to us from Switzerland, but
obviously we wouldn't pass this on to the customer.  Your situation is quite
different though, as I understand it, because, even thought you are on a
Minimed pump, the company didn't put you on it.  as far as I am aware, there
isn't really a way around this unless Minimed are prepared to pay this bill
for you.


-----Original Message-----
From: Diana Maynard <email @ redacted>
To: IP- UK <email @ redacted>
Date: 03 June 1999 13:14
Subject: [IPk] Grrrrr - customs tax on pump

>I don't know if anyone can help me on this one, but I've jsut received
>a bill for 220 pounds for customs tax on my pump (it was sent to by
>someone in the US. I spoke to FedEx who just said it was a standard
>import tax based on the value of the pump and I still had to pay it
>regardless of whether I was actually buying it or not (which I wasn't
>since I didn't pay anythign for it). They never mentioned it at the
>time of shipping.
>OK, 250 pounds for a pump is better than 2000 pounds, but I still don't
>the money, as I had no idea I was going to be charged this.
>Does anyone know of any way round this?
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