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Re: [IPk] Carb counting - again!

Diana Maynard wrote:
> For example, if you're getting constant good Bg readings, you tend to
> test less frequently.

Eeeeoooooeerrrr... I then tend to test even more often to reinforce that
smug and virtuous feeling...

> Secondly, sometimes you need a break from doing everythign so
> rigidly.

But I'm not rigid. I'm incredibly flexible. I eat whatever I want,
whenever I want. All I have to do is know the carb content. The
prepackaged junk food is excellent. The carb content is written there.
Plastic sandwiches: 35.6g. Great. 2.4 units. Snickers. 32.5g. 2.2 units.
That's easy. But the tough one is grazing at home. Spoonful of drinking
chocolate. Handful of grapes. Half a glass of plum juice. Slice of bread
and jam. Plate of freshly fried potatoes. Homemade apple pie and
custard. This is the place where carb counting can be done, but it's
hard work. At this point, I start to guess and improvise. And surprise
surprise! 2 hours later my bg drifts into hypo zone. If I strictly
count, it rises a little and returns gracefully to 5. Happiness! So why
don't a strictly carb count all the time, and reap the rewards?
> I looked at your website yesterday

I wondered why you'd been :-)

> and that inspired me to write down
> at least my Bg readings. But I know it won't last long.

Get yourself a Bayer Esprit. That's precisely why I got one. My fits of
bg recording used to last about 2 days, and happen once a year, usually
when things got really bad. The Esprit/Dex holds 100 readings, and if
your are too lazy to copy those down once a fortnight, you can get the
link cable and download it to your PC. And then publish the text file on
your website like I do!

I'm just writing a perl script to by-pass the Bayer software, download
the results, and HTML format them. It should be machine independent -
Win/Mac/Linux etc.

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