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[IPk] There's a hole in my pocket

Diana Maynard wrote:
> > Yes, it does! And if it ain't necessary, why tolerate it?
> Hmm, why cut holes in your pockets if you don't need to? :-)

Because it's a one-off cost. (Pennies don't fall through holes in the
top of your pocket). And brings the on-going benfit of discretion and
convenience. If I'm smartly dressed in shirt and trousers, a loop of
tubing is about as obvious as having your flies undone... I'm happy to
talk about pumps, and even diabetes, but at a time and place of my own
choosing. I would rather not be wearing a "Stop me and ask about my
pump" sign on my back!

> What, that 2 inches of tubing is really going to make a difference?
> Given the length of time any insulin will be in that section of
> tubing?

How long would it take insulin to freeze solid in a piece of exposed
tubing at -15C? 5 minutes? You then get a No Delivery alarm 2 hours

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