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[IPk] Where to wear the pump (women)

I had to pass this one on to the women here.
I thought the Water Bra sounded the most bizarre thing ever!
I'm wondering about the Arn thing on the thigh but can't see how it
would be much different from the thigh Thing in terms of falling down.

> I have only been wearing a Disetronic pump since March, and I don't dance.
> My biggest obstacle has been wearing the thing! Yesterday, I was speaking
> with a CDE and she wears hers on her thigh with the Disetronic's Armband (I
> guess men use it a lot). If you have a Minimed, they probably sell one too.
> I also ordered the Thigh Thing :{ -- Guess, I was hoping it worked. I still
> can't figure out how Miss America wore it on her thigh the whold pageant --
> maybe she stiched it to her skin... 
> My newest bra trick came from one of our fellow members. Fredericks sells a
> water bra, which hides about any bump and is very soft. I am only a 36B (In
> the Water Bra, I ordered a cup size larger) and have been wearing it
> horizontially in the middle or it could be worn right in the cup. This
> particular type only comes in nude and black. Be careful if you buy a nude
> they have had problems with it bunching up and dimpling, the problem will
> be fixed by July. The black is perfect. 
> http://www.fredericks.com/fredericks/product.asp?dept%5Fid=2&pf%5Fid=50782


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