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Re: [IPk] Carb counting - again!

OK, John, first of all you're human.
And let's face it, counting carbs to the nearest gram is a pain in the butt!
Several things spring to mind.
Psychologically, when you monitor somethinbg very closely, and it all
works, the tendency is then to think "I don't need to do this any
more, I've got it sorted out".

For example, if you're getting constant good Bg readings, you tend to
test less frequently.

Secondly, sometimes you need a break from doing everythign so
rigidly. Just as sometimes, however much you are trying to diet, you
just need to take a break from it and have that chocoloate bar or

Thridly, your brain might just be perverse, like mine.
I know that keeping records of my Bg levels, carb intake and insulin
doses makes sense and would help me see what's going on and also
remember what works and what doesn't.
But I can't bring myself to do it for more than a few days at a time.
I looked at your website yesterday and that inspired me to write down
at least my Bg readings. But I know it won't last long.

That probably isn't much help but there you go.
I don't weight everything to the nearest gram either but the way
things are going I don't see any need to.
I'm just like that though. I hate being dependent on anything other
than my brain. For example I won't make a shopping list or a list of
things I need to do, because I prefer to remember it myself. And if I
rely on things like that, if I forget it I'm buggered. Same for carb
counting. If I rely on a set of scales every time I eat, if I don't
have them for some reason then I'm more buggered than if I'm used to
I did get pasta spectacularly wrong the other day, but that's because
I had no idea it would spike my Bg so much. Next time I reckon I can
get it spot on.

Enough of my wibbling.

> Could anyone here tell me why it is that after a month of very careful
> carb counting, and correspondingly stable bg's, I have let it all slip?
> Is it because I am human? Or is there some deep-seated pschological
> desire to destroy myself perhaps?
> It was all going so well - calculating my carb intake where feasible to
> the nearest gram, and calculating my insulin to the nearest 0.1 unit,
> complete with corrections. And my efforts really paid off well. And
> suddenly I can't be bothered! I'm back to eyeballing the food, guessing
> a number and rounding my insulin up or down to the nearest unit. And my
> bg's are on the up and down again.
> Thoughts? Suggestions?
> John
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