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Re: [IPk] strange sites

What I do is stick it over the top of my troushers and under my belt, that
way no one seems the time, also at the top of all my work trousers i have
some sticky velcro which i have sewn in (very easy) and i have a piece of
velco stuck to the pump, that way it does not put the line of my suit or
trousers out with the weigh of the pump, this works really well and theres
little risk of it falling out of your pocket.

PS: Dont get the joke about the socks (to coin one of your comments used on
me ;-)

At 16:29 01/06/1999 +0100, you wrote:
>> Indeed!!! Likewise, I sometimes put the pump in my underpants _in
>> extremis_. I suppose for us men it's like the women hanging it from
>> their bra. Hey ho.
>No more need for a pair of socks <g>.
>Sorry, couldn't resist that one.
>I sometimes put the pump in the waistband of my tights (to the side)
>and it's quite happy there. 
>Obviously this isn't much use to the guys unless you're a ballet
>dancer or like cross-dressing :-)
>I can't really see why people need to cut a hole in their pockets
>though. Or does it annoy you having the tiny piece of tubing coming
>out of the top of your pocket?
>I gues the fact that I can't see it helps.
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