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Re: [IPk] strange sites

Yeah, its a shame they don't do a 130cm or 150cm tube as i am 6 foot 2 and
most of the length is in my legs the pump pulls as its hits the floor in my
trousers, hey ho that's one of those things.

At 16:28 01/06/1999 +0200, you wrote:
>Nathan J Wright wrote:
>> I'm sure most people will already know this but i find that if you put your
>> tube under your underpants and then put your shirt on and you don't need to
>> worry about leaving enough slack. Its also a lot simpler going to the loo.
>> Just thought people might like to know ;-)
>Indeed!!! Likewise, I sometimes put the pump in my underpants _in
>extremis_. I suppose for us men it's like the women hanging it from
>their bra. Hey ho.
>Normally I put the pump in my trouser pocket - which ever side the
>infusion set is on. And I have cut a small hole in the inside top corner
>of every pair of trousers, and I draw all the tubing (60cm) through the
>hole, to keep the pocket as empty as possible. Clearly this requires a
>set with a disconnect. 
>As for toilet duties - a half-drop to the knees suffices. Otherwise I
>disconnect before sitting...
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