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Re: [IPk] strange sites

It is definitely more awkward when using your arm as a site, because
the distance between your arm and the rest of your body varies quite a
lot (if you see what I mean) so either you end up with lots of slack
or not enough. Going to the loo is rather tricky if you have the pump
in your pocket or on your waistband and the set in your opposite arm

Normally I just either put all the tubing in my pocket along with the
pump (I don't bother about making a hole in the [pocket nad doing it
from the inside), or if I have the pump somewhere else I just tuck the
tubing under my skirt or trousers. Seems to work fine for me. When
dancing I have to remember to leave a lot more slack though or else
when I bend backwards there's not enough (if the set's in my stomach).

> I'm sure most people will already know this but i find that if you put your
> tube under your underpants and then put your shirt on and you don't need to
> worry about leaving enough slack. Its also a lot simpler going to the loo.
> Just thought people might like to know ;-)
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